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It's Time to Get Creative...Learn Calligraphy!
Register for a Small Group Beginners Calligraphy Class:
An Introduction to Modern Pointed Pen Calligraphy
with Lettering By Liz in downtown Boston
and other locations throughout New England, NYC & beyond

On-site Workshops for your company/team,
social groups, friends' day/night out, bachelorette
Email for more information on private events or to reserve your group class
Private lessons available both in-person & via Skype

Intro to Modern Calligraphy - Class Description
Join us for a 3-hour, small group beginners workshop {no previous experience necessary}
with a maximum of 15 students.
During this interactive class, you will learn the basics of modern pointed pen calligraphy
directly from Liz Roessler.
You will be introduced to her favorite beginner's lettering style:
"Romantic" - a flourished script...with a modern, whimsical twist.
She focuses the instruction on the proper ergonomics, recommendations
& suggested goals for personal practice & study following class,
practical ideas for using your new calligraphy skills, inspiring demonstrations,
1-on-1 guidance, pro tips/tools, customized take-aways and Q&A throughout.
Following each class, students receive an email packed with a bevy of resources
& ongoing mentoring for all alumni is available & strongly encouraged!

Gift Cards for Valentine's Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries & everyday!
Give a UNIQUE ARTISTIC EXPERIENCE...The gift can be sent electronically and/or by express mail...
and then the recipient visits this site to choose their session & email/call to reserve a seat -
so no need to know their availability in advance - or make it a "me-time" gift and join them
- a class for 2, 3 or more is a great date night / family experience / friends day or night out
Holiday Gift * Birthday * Anniversary * Engagement * Mothers/Fathers Day * Thank you gift

How do I register?
Classes are held year-round on weekdays, evenings & weekends
- choose from a dozen or more class options monthly
Check out the schedule listed below and
click on any date to register  
or text 617.697.3011 or
email with any questions!

Registration Rates
$125 per student or sign up with a friend or a group of friends
& save 10% when booking 2 or more seats together ~ please use code FRIEND at check out
OR save 10% when you purchase an intro class & a future (date TBD) intermediate class - email for info / custom link
New York City classes are $175/pp

What is Included with Class Registration
No need to bring anything - all materials supplied:
2 pen holders - one straight & one oblique /  3 steel nibs / 3 different colors of waterproof acrylic ink
...all of this is to use both during class AND to take home with you
PLUS a fantastic "to go kit"  with an assortment of colorful card stock, creative project ideas,
practice guideline sheets of various sizes (print outs as well as emailed PDF's),
in addition to an informative follow-up email that is delivered to each student following class -
it includes a recap of where to buy additional calligraphy supplies,  
PDF versions of several hand-lettered alphabets, articles to read, videos to watch
& more creative inspiration to keep you practicing at home for weeks, months & years to follow

Here are some testimonials from students
"Liz! Thank you so much for an amazing class last night.  I went home and literally drew all night...
Your class and studio were so informative and therapeutic.  I had a blast.  I look forward to the next class!" - Mike M.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I had such a wonderful time at your calligraphy workshop! I'm excited to get some new
pens and paper today...I would love to attend a future intermediate level workshop...The class
was absolutely lovely, and I so enjoyed taking a break from my usual routine to learn more about lettering, and to tap into
being creative! I'm so excited to practice today! Your class and studio space were awesome!
Thank you again for hosting!!" - Kate K.

"Hey Liz! I took one of your classes 6 or 8 months back with my girlfriend Sandy and our friend Nicole.
I've been working hard on lettering ever since your class and have absolutely fallen in love with it.
It's become a part of my every day life.
I've spent a lot of time learning blackletter and fraktur, but thanks to your class,
I've also come a long way with cursive and whimsical styles.
I recently landed my first wedding envelopes gig...
Thank you for all of your teaching and inspiration. You've helped me discover a lifelong passion and hobby."
- Jake R.

"Thanks so much, Liz!! I had such a great time last night.  That was the best $$ I've spent in a long time!!
You gave me the tools and direction to start practicing...something I've always wanted to do, but wasn't quite sure where to
begin.  You have a gift for teaching and knowing what beginners would want to know about!!  I'm looking forward to
following up and perhaps attending a workshop one day or a follow up class in the fall. Thanks again!" - Marianne

"Hi Liz, Thank you so much for such a special afternoon yesterday.  
I literally went to bed dreaming about letters and woke up with letters on my brain!  
I spent a lot of time as a kid doodling bubble and block letters and making up my own crazy letter shapes.  
So learning calligraphy is bringing back some really fun childhood memories
of holding a pen to paper.  I practiced last night and was amazing at the progress from just a couple of hours.
I'm excited to continue learning and have fun with it. Can't wait to take your next class.
Thanks for sharing your love of lettering...It is inspiring!" - Julie F.

"Last night was great! I was nice to do something relaxing after a stressful day of work.  
Hopefully, I get better and can do it for my wedding.  Thank you so much for sharing your talent!  " - Sia H.

"Hi Liz, Just wanted to let you know what a great time I had at your class! It was something I had tried a couple of times, but
having your instruction definitely took it to the next level. Also, thank you for the materials you sent along and being so candid
with your process. You are amazingly talented and I hope that you have continued success with your studio :). I'm definitely
going to take another class with you down the road." - Melissa V.

"Thank YOU! I already started collecting inspirational images and made a trip to the art store today! I just loved your class, it was
so much fun and I learned so much. You have a wonderful energy and your love for calligraphy is contagious and inspiring... I
love that you encouraged experimenting and having fun and you have a relaxed, open approach. You offered so many
great and useful suggestions and I really appreciated that you were well prepared, and showed us your style and sat down
and wrote next to us. You are a natural teacher, and I feel lucky to have found you and been able to take a class from you.
Thank you also for your hospitality, from the tea and cookies, to the pen you gave us. If you decide to offer further classes,
PLEASE let me know." - Cheryl

"Thank you so much for today, it was the most fun I've had in a while! I'm a data analyst/programmer, so I'm always looking for
creative outlets and I'm delighted to add calligraphy as one of them.
I'm interested in the scripting class you mentioned --how do those work?" - Vivian L.

"Thank you so much for these awesome resources!! Your class yesterday was amazing, I had so much fun.  I think I've become
calligraphy obsessed!  I went home yesterday and practiced for a few hours, and even put together a Pinterest board of different
styles that caught my eye for inspiration. I really like the idea of developing my own style and seeing what happens.  
Thanks again Liz!" - Jessica

"We loved tonite!!!! Thank you for your time and talent!! You have a wonderful and warm teaching style." - Pam & daughter Jyllian

"Thanks so much for a great class on Sunday-- I loved it!  I am so excited to use my pens and ink and practice, practice,
practice so my writing improves and no longer looks like chicken scratch!  
Your work is truly inspirational, and your enthusiasm for calligraphy is infectious." - Shannon J.

"Thanks so much for sending this along and for an amazing class last night. I really had such a great time and even the
company of the other people taking the class was excellent. I'm looking forward to practicing, picking up some supplies and
following up with the intermediate class. Please keep in touch."  - Katelyn

"Dear Liz, Thank you so very much for the fantastic class yesterday! I have always wanted to learn calligraphy and planned on
taking your class since last year, so I was very happy to finally take it. It was a lot of fun and informative and I just LOVE your
artwork! My work schedule is bit crazy but if you have any classes coming up, please let me know."  - Yoko

"I recently took an intro to calligraphy workshop with Liz.  The North End studio is cute and fun.  The creative gals who work
there have project samples displayed all over which was fun to check out.   Liz had some great tips for beginners.  I left the 2-
hour class (which flew by!) excited to practice more on my own and with an added appreciation for the time and work
calligraphers put into their work.  This would be a fun outing to do with a couple girlfriends." - Lisa G. (via Yelp review)

"Hello! I took your class just after Thanksgiving and just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it
and also to say "thank you!" because it helped me with a Christmas present too!
My grandma is 87 years old and has advanced dementia, so I was clueless about what to get her.
She doesn't really have any hobbies or do a whole lot, but my sister-in-law suggested I put my new lettering skills to use and
make her something to look at. My grandma always loved listening to The Messiah
during the Christmas season, so I chose some text from that work.  I gave it to her yesterday.  
She hardly put it down the whole time we were there and showing her caregiver
and proudly announcing "my granddaughter made this!"
Thanks for sharing your knowledge and for helping give my grandma & I a special moment." - Megan L.

"I've always wanted to learn the art of calligraphy and I was looking at Liz's website admiring her work when I realized she
offers calligraphy classes at her studio in the North End. I figured it would be fun and since the course was offered on
a Saturday (4p - 6p). Her studio is adorable and is certainly a space that fosters creativity.  I learned so much!
All supplies -- ink, nibs, stylus, and paper were included.  Liz took it one step further and she provided us with practice sheets,
lots of grids to help, and font "maps" to help us.  She even told us that if we were serious about learning more, there were
several art and supply stores in the area where we could get more materials. It was totally awesome and Liz was a great
teacher.  Her work is awesome and she was great to work with.  If you're interested in learning more about calligraphy, or if
you need a calligrapher, definitely get in touch with Liz to learn more.  
You will be stunned by her work and her bubbly personality!!!" - Katie C. (via Yelp review)

"Liz, It was such a pleasure to meet you and have the opportunity to learn your craft!  You have an amazing business going and
have such talent!  You are such an inspiration and the girls and I (I speak for all of us- I was gushing about the class Saturday and
it sold Irene and Nikki!) are in love with our take away assignments!  We are taking a few weeks to practice and will then have a
group practice night to see what we can learn from one another!  The hope is that we all get this down and can progress to your
next class! Thank you for a great starting point- enjoy your time off!" - Angela

"It was wonderful meeting you on Saturday! I thoroughly enjoyed your class!!! Honestly, everything about it was perfect...I
wouldn't change a thing. You inspired me to try new things and to play around with different fonts and styles. I loved your gift
ideas too. This weekend, I made a birthday card for my mother - in - law instead of buying one and it was a big hit!
Thanks so much for your inspiration!" - Lori
February 2018

TOMORROW! A few seats remaining:
Saturday 2.24 at 12pm in The Back Bay of Boston

Monday 2.26 at 12pm or 6pm in Las Vegas
Tuesday 2.27 at 6pm in Las Vegas

Register here for a 4 week course for beginners
on Thursdays 6-8pm from 4.5 - 4.26
at  Boston Center for Adult Education/ The Back Bay
March 2018

Sunday 3.4 at 12pm in Boston
Monday 3.5 at 6:30pm in Boston
Tuesday 3.6 at 6:30pm in Boston
Wednesday 3.7 at 6:30pm in Boston
Friday 3.9 at 12pm in New York City
Saturday 3.10 at 11am in New York City
Saturday 3.10 at 4pm in New York City
Sunday 3.18 at 3pm in Boston
Tuesday 3.20 at 6pm in Portsmouth, NH
Thursday 3.22 at 6pm SPRING PAPER FLOWERS at Albertine Press
Saturday 3.24 at 10am in Boston
Sunday 3.25 at 3pm INTERMEDIATE Andover
Tuesday 3.27 - Monday 4.2 in South Florida

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Thursday 4.4 at 6pm at Albertine Press in Inman Sq
Tuesday 4.10 at 6pm in Boston
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Wednesday 4.18 at 6pm in Portsmouth, NH
Saturday 4.21 at 10am in Boston
Sunday 4.22 at 3pm in New York City
Monday 4.23 at 12pm or 7pm in New York City
Tuesday 4.24 at 7pm in Newburyport MA
Wednesday 4.25 at 6pm in Boston

Register here for a 4 week course for beginners
on Thursdays 6-8pm from 4.5 - 4.26
at  Boston Center for Adult Education/ The Back Bay
May 2018

Wednesday 5.2 at 6pm in Boston
Thursday 5.3 at 6pm in New York City
Friday 5.4 at 12pm in New York City
Sunday 5.6 at 3pm in Boston
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Tue 5.8 at 6pm at Olives & Grace / Mother's Day theme
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